10 Most Popular Trees in Texas

Cottonwood Tree

Texas is definitely a place that shares a strong relation with its trees, either we are talking about the badly needed shade and protection from the sun they offer, or about their role as local landmarks and places of gathering. Easy tree service, including tree trimming, is another argument that helped us narrow down the list. We will explore together 10 of the most popular trees in Texas.

The Cathedral Oak, an easy to grow and low maintenance tree, is the perfect choice for those in search of privacy and shade. Adapting to almost any soil type and requiring minimum tree trimming in order to develop a harmonious canopy, the Cathedral Oak is a popular choice.

Camphor TreeThe Camphor Tree is a natural mosquito repellant that requires minimum tree maintenance and which looks great in almost any arrangement.

If you want some color change throughout the year, the Red Maple is the right choice for a scenic front yard that requires minimum tree trimming. Expect a breathtaking array of red tones in the fall.

Brought down from higher elevations, the Bonita Ash is a tree which works exceptionally well in full sun environments where a steady shade is needed throughout the summer. The fall will bring a change to yellow that will certainly leave you breathless.

Italian Cypress might require a bit more of your attention to reach their iconic slim silhouette but you can still put them in the category of easy tree trimming species. Brought from the Mediterranean ecosystem, the Italian Cypress has adapted quite well to the arid climate of Texas.

Cottonwood TreeThe Cottonwood Tree offers a unique combination of advantages that make it an instant choice for many families desiring to develop some vegetation around the house. Requiring minimum tree trimming in order to develop a balanced arrangement of branches, the specie offers one of the fastest growing rates in the tree world.

American Sycamore TreeThe Sycamore is a tree easy to maintain and can grow to reach impressive heights, which make it stand out from far. Being a deciduous specie, the Sycamore allows easy tree trimming once the leaves are all down. Expect a traditional golden-brown foliage color during the fall months. 

The Tipu Tree is becoming more and more popular each year and it’s quite easy to understand why. The famous display of golden bloom in the spring, as well as the fast grow rate, both of them make the Tipu Tree an instant choice for tree lovers with a lack of appetite for later tree trimming.

The Carrotwood Tree is another great evergreen solution for the Texas area, often taking the place of the common oak.

 Originating from India, the Sissoo Tree has acquired all the advantages needed to survive and thrive in the arid climate of Texas, making it an inspired decision for those who are after fast growth and limited annual tree service.

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