Why Crown Cuts and Security Is So Important

perfect crown safety system

The installation of security systems in the treetop is done for several reasons:

  1. The tree is to be secured against fracture, in order to obtain the tree habit.
  1. Persons and property by terminating crown parts are to be avoided.

By limited or non-existent road safety it is sometimes necessary to cut the whole tree crown in its height or width. This is often the case in trees with dry, non-viable shoot tips, which have suffered from declining vitality.

There are static and dynamic systems that can be installed without injury in the treetop. The rigid, static systems can carry heavy crown parts under constant load and offer a very high resistance to breakage.

The extensible, dynamic systems prevent crown parts from moving, so potential vulnerabilities are stabilized over the years.

Crown cuts

Skillful treetop cutting is recognized by the fact that trees do not look altered much after neutered, such as in the case of a tree capping. The treetop is only cut where they are light spots and dead wood must be removed. The treetop as such remains unchanged in habit and looks afterwards, and is made even more natural and clear sound. And she lets more light through, which can an advantage for those close to houses. The health and the value of the tree are backed by expert treetop cutting, and storm damage can be minimized with pre-bending.

Crown security

When hedging treetops the crown will be paid special attention to, for example, in front of a breakup and removing diseased branches. Here, the preservation of the tree, its health and status are the primary target. Even cutting the entire crown may be necessary to relieve the treetop, with regards to safety for private and public green areas and roads entirely.

To reduce the risk of breakage crown parts are joined together, and thus this stabilizes the crown.

The individual case will decide whether dynamic or static crown fuses are used.

perfect crown safety system

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