A Stump Grinder Simply Removes Tree Stumps and Tree Roots

tree stumps ready for grinding and removal

Need to remove tree stumps or tree roots professionally? Then you are in the right place, because we use our stump cutters (also called a root cutter, stump grinder, stump grinder or rhizome tiller) with the appropriate technique, which eliminates any snag on your property in no time. Indeed, when undertaking tree removal or tree cuttings one must not be missing this device to ensure residue-free removal of the rootstock. To get a concrete offer for the use of our stump grinder, we ask you to make an enquiry using our form. We will then get in contact with you to clarify your needs further. We are looking forward to your contact. Below you will find more information about stump cutters and how to cut a tree stump and tree roots.

What is a stump grinder or root cutter?

When speaking of a stump grinder, we mean a forestry or garden work unit that serves to remove tree stumps or tree roots. This technique is used mainly for tree felling application, since the stumps remain. That these pitfalls and obstacles must be removed in some cases goes without saying. The operation of such a cutter is simple and ingenious. As can be seen also in the videos, this device has a hydraulic drive, which moves the milling arm and the cutter disk. The milling disk in turn consists of a fixed wear plate and is provided with replaceable carbide milling teeth. Thus, by an extremely fast rotation the stump, and also roots in the ground, are crushed. All that remains are the wood chips, which can be left in place as mulch. Thus, it saves time and money during the excavation of rhizomes.

Since this equipment is also associated with some cost, stump grinders are often hired or customers hire a stump grinding company like us for the removal of tree stumps. Depending on the number, location and size of these rhizomes, the necessary time and thus the price for this service is calculated.

tree stumps ready for grinding and removalThere are many variations to make a stump disappear after tree felling. Either you use a stump grinder (described above), which is powerful enough for the particular root stock or one resorts to other methods. One of the most charming possibilities here is to integrate or to decorate the tree stump into the environment. For example, on a stump of a flowerbed planting (this trend is called a “tree-stump-planter”), place a birdhouse out or apply your creativity in other ways. There are countless possibilities. Another option, which is also described in many forums of amateur gardeners, is simply digging up the stump. You need a spade, shovel and saw, and away you go. With the appropriate equipment of the stump is gradually exposed. The respective root strands are then cut with the handsaw. One can imagine that this option is of course quite strenuous and is therefore only recommended for small trees. The rule of thumb here is a maximum of 30 cm trunk diameter at shallow roots, which are to be found for example in spruce, living trees or cypresses.

A long-term option is to let the tree stump rot (lasts normally 7 – 10 years) to accelerate and this process (about 2 years at 25 cm stem diameter). For this purpose, we suggest cutting the stump with a chainsaw deep in checkerboard style or bore with a suitable drill. It is important that there are sufficient deep grooves or holes. If this is done, it is necessary to cover them with half-rotted compost from the garden or even from woods nearby (the earth of dead trees and stumps). One can also use some compost accelerator (organic fertilizer is perfect) for this and mix. The reason for this is that in this material half-rotten fungal spores and many microorganisms live and decompose the fresh wood faster. This process takes a long time because the wood itself provides little nutrients. Therefore, one should use fresh compost every spring. Without this acceleration trick the stump requires 7 to 10 years in order to rot.

Do not use any chemicals and definitely do not use fire for removing tree stumps!

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