Why Taking Care of Tree Disease Treatment Is Important

Leave showing signs of disease

A detailed inspection of the landscape has to be done as the first step in tree disease protection. This inspection has to be done by an ISA certified arborist. It is during this inspection that the general condition of the landscape will be determined and ways of improving the trees and shrubs will be suggested.

Custom Solutions

Tree Disease Treatment

We consider site-specific conditions and tailor our programs to maximize the beauty and health of your landscape. The best results can only be achieved when the particular tree in question is the only thing considered and thus, the appropriate treatment can be prescribed.

Your deciduous and evergreen ornamentals can be protected from damage by our specific foliar disease program. Fungi are the main cause of most tree diseases and they are more common at the beginning of the growing season because of the warm and moist weather. The growth and spread of diseases can be prevented through early treatment of diseases.

Common Diseases

The value of your property as well as aesthetics can be protected by the professional treatments. You are guaranteed to get the best experience in terms of diagnosis and treatment from our certified arborists. We specialize in diseases like:

  • Fruit Tree Diseases
  • Fireblight
  • Needlecast
  • Anthracnose
  • Dutch elm disease
  • Phytophthora root rot

Leave showing signs of diseaseFruit Tree Diseases

A plethora of adverse conditions can infest fruit trees. The treatments are usually similar to an extent even though the diseases vary in life cycle and host.  Rusts, leaf spots, rots, scabs and blights can occur on fruits like plum, nectarine, peach, cherry, pear and apple. The fruits can be severely affected along with the stems and leaves of the fruit tree. The professionals with the technical know-how have to detect the disease early enough and move to treat them if the effect of the disease is to be minimized. A protocol has been developed by several tertiary institutions and that is what we follow in order to obtain the best possible results. We also ensure that only the needed treatments will be done, thereby reducing the number of treatments required and thus help you maintaining an outstanding garden, landscape and productive harvest.

Needle Cast Diseases

This is slowly becoming a major problem for evergreen trees, resulting in severe and lasting complications for the tree. They occur as a result of various species of fungi and they target cedar (Cedrus), Douglas-fir (Pseudotsugamenziesii), hemlock (Tsuga), several species of pine (Pinus spp.), white fir (Abiesconcolor), white spruce (P. glauca) and colorado blue spruce (Piceapungens). This deases is especially common during wet spring seasons and the lower interior branch of the tree is where the symptoms might first be seen. The needles look purple at first, they then turn to yellow, then brown and finally, they die off. This disease slowly grows from the root of the tree and moves towards the crown from the inside and later spread towards the stems on the outside. This disease kills younger or smaller trees faster. Infection can be prevented by proper nutrition, watering and pruning the plants. However, if a tree is already infected, proper treatment as well as removal of affected limbs is the best way to manage the situation.


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